Hello there!

I am currently a fourth-year student at a liberal arts college pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences (with a focus in Computer Science). Being in a liberal arts college, the Computer Science program focuses a lot on the fundamentals of computing as well as writing a narrative. In the introductory Computer Science course, we spent weeks studying recursion, unit tests and polymorphism in OCaml. While it might sound esoteric, it really forced us to examine why a particular coding solution is correct, rather than just learning how to program. We also spent hours writing out explanations of our solutions (i.e. crafting a narrative!) each week which were key in helping to formalise our understanding.

In my personal time, I love using Python to automate tedious tasks. I am also obsessed with Python Core Developer Raymond Hettinger's keynote speeches, where he teaches how to write Python more effectively and beautifully. For an example, see "Transforming Code into Beautiful, Idiomatic Python".

Programming aside, I am a photographer and videographer, with a background in documenting numerous events.


Email: boeybernard [at] gmail.com

Feel free to contact me if you have any enquiries!