Dirty Bread

Videography and Video Editing

Dirty Bread is a lava-filled croissant which was trending in Singapore in 2018. This video was viewed over 35,000 times on Instagram and Facebook.

A Design Film Festival

Videography and Video Editing

A Design Film Festival was started by design studio Anonymous in 2010. The festival has since travelled to more than ten cities. This video commissioned by Anonymous shows the highlights of A Design Film Festival 2019, which showcased the premiere of Kusama Infinity in Singapore to a crowd of 2,500 people.

Yale-NUS Data - Jamus Lim - International Economic Policy

Videography and Video Editing

In Oct 2020, Jamus Lim was invited to speak about the intersection between data and international economic policy at Yale-NUS College. This video commissioned by Yale-NUS Data shows highlights from the talk.

Ballroom Showcase

Video Editing only

This video involved a multi-camera setup. It was shot under extremely low-light conditions, and the video presented many challenges. Editing work involved removing flicker, and matching colour between cameras.

Wedding Solemnisation

Videography and Video Editing

This video was made for Daniel and Karen's wedding solemnisation.

Gâteau Burger

Videography and Video Editing

Gâteau Burger is a cake that is carefully assembled to resemble a burger. This video involved an overhead shot that is reminscent of recipe videos commonly found on social media. As we did not have an overhead tripod setup, I improvised and used a wooden block attached to a normal tripod.

Boufé Breakfast Don

Videography and Video Editing

Boufé Breakfast Don is a rice bowl that contains roasted pork belly, grilled avocado, hei bi hiam, spring onions and a sous vide egg.

Boufé x Bodum

Videography and Video Editing

This video was made to market Bodum's Vacuum Coffee Maker, which uses a vacuum to force water to mix with the coffee grounds.

Romeo & Juliet

Videography and Video Editing

Romeo & Juliet is a special valentine's day drink that involves pouring cotton candy into a fizzy drink to create beautiful layers.

Latte Art

Videography and Video Editing

This video showcases the beautiful latte art created by the baristas.

Leaders for a Better Age

Videography and Video Editing

This video was made during a leadership hiking expedition in the Australian Alps. It is a strong reminder of the power of a video to tell a story.