PR5 Booking

A booking system for students to book the school's jamming studio - Practice Room 5 (PR5)

Screenshot of PR5 Booking website


I am part of the "PR5 Committee" that oversees usage of the PR5 jamming studio. Part of the role involves receiving bookings from students and accepting/rejecting them. This was being done on Google forms. While functional, there were downsides: 1) The committee needed to put in time to regularly check the form responses and review the bookings. 2) Users of the room could not see what other pending bookings there were, so they could not plan in advance to avoid conflicts.


I created a booking website to simplify the process for both users and committee members - users can see other pending bookings before making a booking, and committee members can easily approve bookings with the click of a button, which sends an automatic email to the user. I programmed the backend in Python using Django and it will soon be deployed and put into actual use. In the future, I will be integrating FullCalendar into the website, so that users can view and make bookings with an interface reminiscent of Google Calendar.